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Built for modern learning

Built for modern learning

Learners’ expectations are evolving rapidly. Move with them and build for whatever’s next with the gold-standard assessment engine.

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learners per day

41 billion

API requests annually


product enhancements per year


Create at speed, customize in depth

Build from the ground up, or hit the ground running. Learnosity’s cloud-based assessment APIs are made for customization, giving innovators the freedom to do what they do best.

  • Out-of-the-box assessment

    Fast, flexible, and super reliable, our pre-built assessment player gives you ready-made assessment tools to create feature-packed tests with zero fuss.

  • Fully customizable UI

    Take full control of test design with a customizable UI that lets you create nuanced learning experiences that better support learners’ needs.

  • Embeddable

    Seamlessly integrate single questions or whole tests into any learning environment and customize the look to perfectly match your product’s brand.

  • Accessible by design

    From keyboard navigation and screen reader support to color contrast and aria-labels—Assessment lets you deliver a more inclusive experience to more learners.

  • Continuous innovation

    Keep pace with constantly evolving curricula and learner needs with regular product enhancements and new features.


Give each learner a path to success

Support learner progress with assessment experiences that stay on the right side of challenging for all ability levels.

  • Adaptive testing & branching

    Take the smart approach to learning with adaptive testing and branching capabilities that automatically adjust question difficulty for a more engaging and tailored learner experience.

  • Instructor feedback

    Improve learner understanding with in-depth one-to-one feedback. Use free text, audio recorders, rating scales, and more to provide greater detail when it’s needed most.

  • Hints, distractors, sample answers

    Give learners more context with multiple types of personalized feedback—from in-test hints and distractor rationales to sample answers.

  • Annotation tools

    Get a clearer picture of learners’ thought processes with intuitive annotation tools including notepads, text highlighting, sticky notes, or on-screen drawings.


Go bigger—and better

Get growth-ready, pain-free. Learnosity Assessment delivers industry-leading performance at any scale—from start-up to enterprise level.

  • Responsive design

    Assessment dynamically resizes content for optimum performance on screens of all sizes—from phones and tablets to laptops and desktops.

  • Internationalization & localization

    With pre-built language bundles and support for right-to-left script, Assessment helps you break down language barriers to reach international audiences.

  • System reliability

    From load-tests of 10x current usage to multi-region AWS hosting, our globally distributed teams work around the clock to optimize system resilience to achieve an average uptime of 99.97%

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Learnosity uses multiple layers of protection to safeguard product and network security so you can work without worry.

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Learnosity powers assessment excellence for 150+ of the world’s leading learning platforms. Our gold-standard assessment engine has been built with 700,000+ developer hours and counting. Our transformative APIs can instantly make your product more accessible, customizable, and responsive.

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