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Learnosity is a technology company specializing in assessment solutions for educational companies and publishers of all sizes – from start-ups to global enterprises.

We are driven by a simple mission: to create better learning experiences for learners everywhere. To do this, we’ve developed an API-based assessment engine that continuously evolves to better meet the changing needs of learners at all levels. It’s our passion that makes this possible: our team is obsessed with making education accessible to all, and everything we do – down to the smallest line of code – is geared toward achieving this.

Founded in - 2007
Learnosity team members - 80+
Global offices - 4
Monthly active users - 14.8M

A passion for learning across the globe

We are a diverse team of over 80 people, all with a passion for educating ourselves and others.

  • We represent 27 nationalities
  • We speak 32 languages, including French, Latin, Arabic, and Hindi
  • 52% of us are actively involved in educating others in our spare time
  • Over one-third of us chose math as our favorite subject at school (which has come in handy for building our best-in-class Math product!)
  • Between us, we hold 92 university degrees

Trusted by the world’s most innovative educators

Our story

Meet the founders

Gavin Cooney – CEO

An energetic and enthusiastic evangelist, Gavin can be found at conferences around the world sharing the knowledge gained from working in this exciting area.

Mark Lynch – CTO

Mark’s passion for simple, well-designed software that solves real problems for real people shapes the development culture at Learnosity. The Learnosity toolkit stems from that belief and is designed to empower developers, teachers and students alike.

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