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We power assessment excellence

Change happens quickly in the digital age. Behaviors change and expectations change—but for many, assessment has stood still.

As learning moves online, there is an ever-widening assessment excellence gap between forward-looking innovators who believe it is essential for modern learning and the rest.

The Learnosity Assessment Engine instantly plugs the assessment excellence gap for learning platforms by enabling faster product launches, breakthrough capabilities, on-demand scaling, and continuous innovation to keep pace with a rapidly evolving market.

Our story

Learnosity co-founders Gavin Cooney and Mark Lynch first met at an accessibility meet-up in Sydney back in 2004. Their shared passion and vision for equitable, inclusive learning formed the bedrock of Learnosity. Here’s how the story’s unfolded so far. initially registered as an e-learning consultancy, operating out of a garden shed (in true time-honored fashion!).


First office opens in Sydney. Watch founders video

We sign our first API customer with the launch of our Questions API, signaling a pivot to the SaaS business model we have to this day.


Author site launches, allowing non-coders to create Question types. By the end of the year, over 7,000 questions were created.


We open the doors to our Dublin office.

Our product offering expands, with 22 pre-built Question types, Reports and Data Author APIs as well as a new Math Scoring engine.


We extend our global presence with an office in New York, grow headcount to 50 employees.💪


Onwards and upwards as we hit 15 million learners and deliver half a billion questions by year end. Our new Support team launches to further advance our customer-first ethos.


We turn 10 years old and mark the occasion with the launch of the Learnosity Partner Network . 🎉


We continue to scale up our impact, with content authors and teachers having created 10 million questions to date.

Battery Ventures invests in us, signifying an exciting new era of growth and expansion.

We expand our self-service SaaS ethos with the launch of Learnosity Console, giving customers total control over their data and analytics.


We expand into the Middle East, where a major project sees Learnosity set a world record in delivering digital assessments to 600,000 concurrent users.


A big year, as we scale to service 40+ million learners, as Covid-19 continues to disrupt just about everything.

We continue to grow, reaching new markets and doubling our headcount to 200 employees with the acquisition of the renowned full-service assessment platform Questionmark.


We keep our assessment tech moving forward with the introduction of Author Aide, a game-changing AI-enabled authoring tool that dramatically boosts productivity for content creators.


The Learnosity family

Two companies. One tech-enabled assessment powerhouse.

Learnosity | Questionmark

Welcoming end-to-end assessments provider Questionmark to the Learnosity fold in 2021 marked a defining moment in our company’s journey.

By bringing together two pioneering brands, teams, and product sets, we doubled down on our mission to advance learning worldwide through best-in-class technology.

Get to know Questionmark
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Questions delivered

Questionmark provides a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services to leading organizations around the world, delivered with care and unequalled expertise. Its full-service online assessment tool and professional services help customers to improve their performance and meet their compliance requirements. The Questionmark solution enables organizations to unlock their potential by delivering assessments which are valid, reliable, fair and defensible.

Work together, win together


With deep domain expertise and decades of experience delivering assessment solutions to a diverse customer base, we don’t just understand what’s required—we understand what works.


From K to grey, or API to end-to-end, we have the experience and mobility to add market-leading assessment solutions to learning innovation, however and wherever it’s happening.


The brightest minds in assessment technology have spent 1.5 million hours developing products that help realize even the grandest of assessment ambitions.


It’s not just about what’s happening now, it’s about what’ll happen next. Our 360-degree industry perspective allows us to anticipate market needs and innovate for impact.

Our leadership

Meet the team
Gavin Cooney

Gavin Cooney

CEO & Co-Founder

Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch

CSO & Co-Founder

Gavin Cooney

Gavin Cooney

CEO & Co-Founder

Gavin Cooney

CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO and co-founder of Learnosity, Gav still talks about the company he helped build over a decade ago with an infectious zeal. It’s easy to see why: what began as a project in a garden shed (a cliché maybe, but 100% true!) has matured into an internationally renowned tech company with a 200-strong crew of problem-solvers. Since Gav believes that all social ills can be remedied through education, his modus operandi is pretty simple: give education the standard of technology it deserves.

In a nutshell

Big-hearted adventurer and big-picture thinker. Chatterbox. Perennial optimist.

Things he likes

Karaoke, drone piloting, live gigs ... and karaoke.

Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch

CSO & Co-Founder

Mark Lynch

CSO & Co-Founder

It’s no coincidence that Learnosity started life shortly after the birth of Mark’s first child. Life-changing events like that tend to stir up some big questions. For Mark it was “Why isn’t technology living up to its promise in education?” So he decided to do something about it, marrying his love of well-designed software to his commitment to solving real problems for real people. As CSO and co-founder of Learnosity, he says that the most gratifying thing about our technology is it’s flexibility to let others do things even we haven’t thought of.

In a nutshell

Dad of two. Tech-geek. Thinker and tinkerer. Problem-solver. Pragmatist.

Things he likes

Mountain biking, making robots, teaching robotics, and LEGO.

Our manifesto

What we believe and stand for

Education is a human right

Education is a human right

We believe that education and learning opportunities should be equitable, inclusive, and accessible to all. Our mission is to advance education and learning worldwide with best-in-class technology.

Do the right thing

Do the right thing

Fairness is the bedrock of our business. We’re open, honest, and take full responsibility.

Aim higher

Aim higher

We keep raising the bar by not shying away from tackling the biggest challenges.

Success is better shared

Success is better shared

Great things happen when everyone pulls in the same direction. We win together by working together.

We’re setting a new standard for edtech

Find out how we’re doing it with the latest stories and insights from our blog.

Learnosity acquires Questionmark
News & announcements

Learnosity acquires Questionmark

Big news! Learnosity has acquired Questionmark, the end-to-end assessments, proctoring, badging, and reporting solutions provider.

by Learnosity
Read Time 3 Mins
Our people: Rich Shupe
Customer Support

Our people: Rich Shupe

Rich Shupe, Learnosity's VP of Global Support, talks big-picture motivations, the power of care in building a company culture, and the wonders of woodworking.

by Micheál Heffernan
Read Time 4 Mins
Inclusivity as a core principle for Learnosity

Inclusivity as a core principle for Learnosity

Inclusivity in learning isn't restricted to a minority of "corner cases"—it matters much more widely, writes John Kleeman, EVP at Learnosity.

by John Kleeman
Read Time 4 Mins

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