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DEI Analysis

Break free of bias

Make DEI an integrated part of the learning experience so more learners feel more visible.

AI-assisted DEI reports

Review items for diverse representation

Our DEI analysis checks items across core categories—including race & ethnicity, age, gender & sexual orientation, religion & spiritual beliefs, social & economic status, cultural & geographic considerations, and language sensitivity—to make questions more inclusive, equitable and representative of learner diversity.

Item remediation

Create content that connects with all walks of life

DEI checker goes beyond identifying issues in your items to offer suggested fixes that allow you to instantly improve the quality of questions by increasing learner representation.

Dig deeper with additional resources

A guide to AI and assessment

Get expert insights on AI and its era-defining impact on assessment, revealing where things are now—and what comes next.

Get a bird's-AI view

Learn more from the experts behind our AI-enriched assessment solutions.

Improve question quality by increasing diversity