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Smart solutions for complex problems

Smart solutions for complex problems

Fast, fluid, and flexible—Learnosity Math simplifies everything from authoring math questions to scoring them to unlock your product’s potential to drive better learner outcomes.


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Automate time-consuming tasks

Swap heavy lifting for light work

Learnosity Math helps authors and educators do more in less time. Our sophisticated math engine handles repetitive, time-consuming tasks to give you more freedom to focus on what matters.

  • Auto-scoring

    Our smart scoring engine accommodates open-ended questions and auto-scores multiple variations of correct answers, saving educators the hassle of working out all possible answers.

  • Math question generator

    A game-changer for content authors, our math question generator automatically produces multiple variations of a problem and the associated answers to dramatically lighten author workloads.

  • Instant feedback

    Give educators the capacity to provide real-time feedback during assessments to reveal misconceptions on the spot.

  • Translations for visual impairments

    SpokenMath lets authors create LaTeX math content that can be automatically interpreted by screen readers in plain English. Visually impaired learners can also hear their responses in real time with ARIA label auto-annotation.

Extend functionality

Tools to tackle any math problem

Give educators and learners a variety of specialist tools to help them solve math problems. Seamlessly embed digital interactives into questions to build math assessments that deliver richer learning experiences.

Refine the user experience

Less friction, more focus

Reduce the cognitive load for learners and improve focus by creating user experiences that are seamless, simple, and made for math.

  • Full and partial scoring

    Acknowledge the degrees of learner knowledge and understanding with flexible options for exact match, partial match per response, and partial match scoring types.

  • Pre-built keypads

    Unlock math problems from any kind of device with responsive, pre-built keypads that make it easy to enter advanced equations using symbol groups such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and chemistry.

  • Keypad customization

    Remove obstacles from the equation by tailoring keypads to match learner needs. Change number position, strip out unnecessary keys, or add from a library of 200+ symbols.

  • Customizable reports

    Make the numbers work for you with fully customizable, detailed reporting on learner performance from individual to class to district levels—and beyond.

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Learnosity powers assessment excellence for 150+ of the world’s leading learning platforms. Our gold-standard assessment engine has been built with 700,000+ developer hours and counting. Our transformative APIs can instantly make your product more accessible, customizable, and responsive.

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