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Learnosity powers some of the largest educational projects in the world. Whether you’re a big company or simply big on ambition, we can help take your business to the next level.

Safety in numbers

  • >40M
  • 17B
    questions delivered annually
  • 500K
    tests per minute
  • 50+
    world-class developers
  • 99.97%
    average system uptime

Maximize growth, minimize costs

Building on Learnosity lets you avoid the growing pains of quickly scaling-up your business.

Unleash your product’s potential

We make it easy to quickly build industrial-scale products at a fraction of the price, leaving you free to direct your resources where they add the most value.

Make light work of heavy traffic loads

We load-test our system to handle up to 10 times the traffic volume of the previous year to ensure we’re always prepared to cope with rapid growth. Learn how we do it.

Enjoy economies of scale

Hosting costs at scale can quickly spiral out of control. Because Learnosity runs infrastructure for 130+ major clients, we’re able to pass on the savings so that you pay less than going it alone.

Opportunity knocks > opportunity costs

Our team of 50+ developers have put years of R&D into understanding the key challenges of building at scale. We make a high-effort thing like scalability a low-hanging fruit for you.

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Infrastructure as code: Successfully scaling to new heights

Taking the "infrastructure as code" approach makes it easier to build products that meet the demands of a rapidly growing user base. Learnosity's Principal Engineer reveals how we how keep our system ahead of the curve.

by Micheál Heffernan Senior Editor

Reliability you can bank on

Our clients risk their reputations during every high-stakes, high-scale testing period. That’s why they build with us.

The power of the cloud

We use multi-region AWS hosting to ensure maximum network resilience.

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Keep your data safe

TLS encryption in transit. AES 256 encryption at rest. Two-factor authentication. We follow best practice procedures to give our clients total peace of mind.

Our security

Disaster recovery

With backups for databases and application servers, we operate without single points of failure and regularly test auto failover & database recovery procedures in the event of an outage.

Our plans & backups

Business continuity plans

Our globally distributed teams are given the best support set-up possible to ensure seamless collaboration no matter where they’re working from.

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Dynamic scalability

We’re continuously optimizing our AWS storage efficiency and performance with things like minimal single points of failure, in-memory caching, data sharding, and early request load-splitting.

Reliable, day-in, day-out

We consistently exceed our SLA uptime of 99.8% to deliver an uptime 99.97% on each of our APIs.

The total cost of ownership of self-build will be at least 5x the cost of licencing from us. We have the scale and focus to go deeper into certain functionality than it makes sense for any other company to even attempt.

Mark Lynch

Learnosity Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder

OnCourse provides cloud-based learning tools that support student management, instruction, staff performance, and learning management.


Integrating Learnosity allowed OnCourse to quickly build and deliver hundreds of thousands of interactive assessments to users across multiple districts.

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BARBRI’s bar preparation programs have steered over 1.3 million law school graduates to exam success – more than all other bar preparation courses combined.


BARBRI used Learnosity to seamlessly navigate through its busiest testing period and deliver over a million tests in a single month.

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Alan Garfield

Principal Engineer, Infrastructure

“Our Infrastructure team keeps clients’ requests serviced as quickly and securely as possible, while our Platform team comes up with new and innovative ways to solve the challenges of running our platform at scale.”

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Alan Garfield - Principal Engineer, Infrastructure

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