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Limitless creative possibilities

Limitless creative possibilities

Learnosity Author makes it easy to create assessment experiences that meet fast-evolving learner needs by making them digital, dynamic, and fully interactive.

1 hour

to start authoring

2x faster

uplift by switching to Author

3-5 months

to product go live


Power up productivity and quality

Whether building for power users or educators, Learnosity Author simplifies the authoring experience so you can get more done, more quickly.

  • Author Aide

    Boost content output and quality with AI-enabled authoring.  Author Aide helps authors increase output by as much as 10x.

  • Fully customizable user interface

    Boost content output by putting key features at authors’ fingertips.

  • Pre-configured activity templates

    Choose from a list of pre-built activity templates to save time re-configuring question settings for consistency.

  • Page layout precision

    Produce high-quality assessments with low effort. Paginate passages, add quick-toggle tabs, or use columns to display questions alongside features.

  • Live preview

    Help authors rapidly refine the assessment experience by letting them test the look, feel, and performance with real-time previews.

  • Flexible scoring

    Unshackle content from restrictive scoring modes. Give authors more freedom to choose how they validate questions.

Modernize content

Engage learners in more ways

Boost learner engagement with content that connects. From media-enabled items and on-screen tools to interactive elements—get more ways to create assessment experiences that resonate.

  • Wide variety of question experiences

    Earn learner attention with an extensive range of default question types including match & order, graphing & charting, essay, MCQ, and more—or go bespoke by customizing your own.

  • Rich media support

    Meet learner expectations with modern assessment content authoring tools. Easily embed or upload videos, GIFs, audio files, and more to enrich the learning experience.

  • Accessibility tools

    From color contrast and screen reader support to closed captions and keyboard navigation—create content that meets learners’ diverse needs.

  • Fully featured for greater freedom

    Give learners more ways of working with on-screen interactives such as calculators, protractors, rulers, keypads, line readers, and more.

  • Multi-language support

    Our pre-built language bundles let you translate the user-interface to overcome language barriers to reach learners and authors on a global scale.

Streamline content management

Create and collaborate with confidence

Simplify the workflow for authors and reviewers. With centralized communication, at-a-glance status checks, and comprehensive options for customization, Author makes collaboration seamless.

  • Item bank tagging and search

    Author’s item tagging and search capabilities let content creators and managers find the right content at the right time.

  • Workflow management

    Set your teams up for success by modifying review workflows or customizing them to suit your team’s specific needs.

  • Enterprise-grade data security

    Our tightly governed security ensures your proprietary content can only be accessed by the right people.

  • User permissions

    Easily create and manage user accounts. Delegate role access, view author activity, and control access to content.

  • World-class, worldwide support team

    Our globally distributed support experts are always on hand to quickly resolve any content management problems that may arise.

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Learnosity powers assessment excellence for 150+ of the world’s leading learning platforms. Our gold-standard assessment engine has been built with 700,000+ developer hours and counting. Our transformative APIs can instantly make your product more accessible, customizable, and responsive.

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