Made to measure

Made to measure

Analytics lets you break down assessment data to reveal patterns, behaviors, and insights that can improve decision making, empower individuals, and better connect learning activities to outcomes.

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out-of-the-box reports

Optimize performance

Make assessments more effective

Get a bird’s eye view of the key drivers of learner engagement. By tapping into rich insights, you can make data-powered improvements to content, product, and instruction.

  • Item analysis

    From large-scale analysis of entire item banks to more focused analysis of individual questions, item analysis tells you what’s working and what’s not.

    Discover more in our documentation
  • Tagging for rich reports

    Easily set up key data touchpoints for richer, more granular assessment analytics. Create tag hierarchies to explore the finer details of reports.

    Check out our Author Guide for more
  • Live progress reports

    See how each learner is progressing during an assessment in real time and guide their understanding with on-the-spot assistance.

    Learn more about live progress reports
  • Response analysis report

    Supercharge feedback loops with a report that lets educators quickly spot common knowledge gaps among learner groups.

    Discover more in our documentation
Elevate learning outcomes

Information is liberation

Swiftly identify and track learning problems at any scale—from individual to regional to international. Take targeted actions to overcome challenges and help learners achieve positive outcomes.

  • Embeddable reports

    Designed to plug into any learning platform quickly and easily, our embeddable reports provide a fast track to a more effective assessment product.

    Find out more in our documentation
  • Individual reports

    Better understand a learner’s needs with a detailed breakdown of their progress so instructors can adjust assessments accordingly.

    Check out our product reference docs
  • Classroom reports

    Track progress at class level to get a complete understanding of learner performance and identify areas for lesson planning and educator improvements.

    More about classroom reports here
  • Large group reporting

    Map performance across learner populations ranging into the millions to make better sense of the big picture.

    Learn more in our documentation
  • Learning outcomes reporting

    Identify performance trends at a glance according to the standards, objectives, and outcomes  that are most important for your curriculum.

    More in our documentation here
Control your data completely

Endless data, painless access

Customize every aspect of reports to display, visualize, and compare results any way you need.

  • Direct data streaming

    Avoid resource-draining data processing and management. Learnosity Firehose pumps data into your system in near real time as learners submit their work.

    Discover more in our documentation
  • Enterprise-grade security

    Enjoy instant access to your data while saving on infrastructure costs by storing data on our fortified servers.

    Security at Learnosity

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