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We support mobile and tablet friendly right-to-left question types.

Multiple choice

Select one correct answer or more from a number of potential answers.

Essay with rich text

Allow students to submit an essay response of up to 10,000 words to a question.


Allow students to answer questions with drawing tools like a compass, ruler, and text annotations on an image.

Cloze text

Allow students to type their responses into empty response boxes that have been inserted by the author into a passage of text.

Cloze drop down

Allows students to select the correct answer from a response box drop down menu situated in a passage of text.

Cloze drag & drop

Allow students to drag their responses from a list of options set by the author into empty response boxes.

Label image with text

Allow students to enter text into response box labels positioned on an image.

Label image with drop down

Allow students to select their response from a response box drop down menu located somewhere on an image.

Label image with drag & drop

Allow students to select from a list of potential answers and drag them to the correct response box on the image.

Supporting Egypt Education Reform Project

2020 was the year in which one of the most ambitious digital transformations ever undertaken in education was realized. The $500 million Supporting Egypt Education Reform Project's goal was to affect a systemic shift to improve the learning experience via IT integration.

This included the nation-wide rollout of computer-based testing. Working in partnership with Pearson, Learnosity was instrumental in the project’s success, delivering digital summative assessments to over a million students.

  • 10.4M
    tests delivered in three weeks
  • 600k
    peak concurrent users
  • 1.1M
    students tested
  • 2500
    schools served

We had a five-month timeframe to make 100,000 items interactive so we needed a system that was easy enough to use to get started right away.

Dusty Moore

iCEV - President

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Take your learning product from acceptable to exceptional. We’ve spent over a decade fine-tuning our assessment technology so we can transform your product into best-in-class in a flash.

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Reach learners wherever they are. Deliver assessment content that dynamically resizes for optimum performance on screens of all sizes – from phones and tablets to laptops and desktops.

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Our support team is comprised of developers who make implementation quick and easy, provide developer and author training, and respond rapidly to your problems.

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This guide for product managers focuses digital assessment and the key inputs to making a sound build vs buy decision.

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