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The gold-standard assessment engine

Maximize your learning platform’s impact with modern assessment APIs that transform the learner experience, drive business growth, and power industry-moving innovations.

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Powering assessment excellence

The Learnosity Assessment Engine powers unrivaled capability across seven core pillars to ensure you always keep pace with change.

Simplified, AI-backed authoring

Simplified, AI-backed authoring

Liberate content creators with easy-to-use and AI-enabled authoring tools that boost productivity, improve content quality, and support smarter workflows.

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Question experiences

With extensive pre-built question types, revitalize the learning journey with feature-rich, embeddable interactives.

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Actionable analytics

Leverage actionable insights that power decision-making, enable adaptive assessment, and improve learner outcomes.

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Built-in support for audio, visual, UI, and keyboard assistance gives you greater interactive possibilities to reach more learners.

Our accessibility approach


Keep up-to-date with seamless assessment delivery across browsers and device types to always meet learners where they are.

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Security & Privacy

We keep product, network, and user data safe and secure using multiple layers of enterprise-grade protection.

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Our dynamic scalability, built on AWS, gives your product worry-free burst capacity so you can confidently serve millions of users per day.

Get growth-ready

How Learnosity helps learning platforms succeed

Get to market faster

Our pre-built APIs offer game-changing economic value. Create content in an hour, go live with an MVP in weeks.

Supercharge capacity

Achieve assessment excellence with advanced capabilities like auto-scoring, AI-backed authoring, data-rich reports, and inclusive question types.

Never get left behind

With an annual dev spend of $8.5 million, we ship 1000+ features and enhancements per year to accelerate your product innovation while slashing tech debt.
  • >40M
    active learners
  • 337M
    questions authored
  • 17B+
    questions delivered annually

Having a robust, mature solution like Learnosity just allowed us to get the most power possible in the shortest amount of time.

Chris Vento Chief Product Architect
Chris Vento, Chief Product Architect of Ease Learning

What's new in assessment tech

A guide to AI & assessment

A guide to AI & assessment

Applied with deep user, product, and market knowledge, AI can create new ways to fundamentally change and enrich the assessment experience. Here, we bring expert insights to bear in demystifying AI and its era-defining impact on assessment, revealing where things are now—and what comes next.

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Building accessible learning products

Accessible learning products are simply better learning products. Choosing to build accessibility into your product from the get-go allows you to create a better experience for all users, avoid labor-intensive refactoring, and prevent compliance issues.

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AI Regulation

The EU AI Act: A blueprint for “human-centric” AI is on the way

AI is a fast-evolving field. Here, Learnosity's VP of Legal and Privacy, Jamie Armstrong, gives an overview of the EU’s emerging efforts to regulate its development.


Concevoir en interne ou acheter en externe

L'évaluation n'est plus la destination finale du parcours d'apprentissage, elle alimente l'ensemble de l'expérience d'apprentissage du début à la fin. Cet ebook déballe les domaines dans lesquels l'innovation se produit, explorant les exigences clés de la technologie d'évaluation moderne.