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Question everything

Question everything

Questions are the heartbeat of learning. Learnosity keeps your finger on the pulse by giving more ways to ask and answer questions—any context, any curriculum, any level of complexity.

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Ask any question, in any way

Variety is the spice of learning

With 50+ prebuilt assessment question types and interactives to choose from across 9 categories, Learnosity opens up new possibilities to engage learners of all levels and disciplines—from STEM to visual arts to workplace training and beyond.

  • Multiple choice

    Create MCQs that are as simple or sophisticated as you like with support for flexible layouts, images, audio, distractor notes, math content, and more.

  • Fill in the blanks

    Easily create fill in the blanks questions using text, images, dropdowns, and drag and drop functionality.

  • Classify, match & order

    Pair or order words, phrases, pictures, or symbols to see how learners create associations between lists of items.

  • Written, audio & visual

    Give learners the tools to respond in their own words with short text, essay-length text, images, file uploads, and mobile-friendly video and audio capabilities.

  • Highlight

    Illustrate your point with an assortment of interactive visual question types such as drawing, shading, highlighting, and hotspotting.

  • Math

    Create complex open-ended math questions with multiple possible answers and have them auto-scored instantly by our custom-built math-scoring engine.

  • Graphing & charting

    Generate sophisticated interactive charts, graphs, and number lines with ease then accommodate multiple possible answers with smart scoring.

  • Chemistry

    Set and score advanced questions on molecular, empirical, and condensed structural formulas and give learners a flexible on-screen keypad to input responses.

Adapt to evolving needs

Make questions that work for you

Take the reins with extensive customization options that give you the freedom to create question experiences that fit the specific needs of your authors and learners.

  • Control the look

    Customize the look and feel of assessment question types with CSS styling to alter font sizes, toolbars displays, color options, and more.

  • Configurable templates & custom questions

    Make light work of creating custom questions by easily reconfiguring elements of existing templates or build your own custom question.

  • Adjustable settings

    Streamline question creation by selecting what UI elements are available to authors, then save your settings for repeat use.

  • Create your own authoring environment

    Curate the authoring experience by choosing, categorizing, naming, and configuring the layout of templates that are available to authors.

  • Custom keypads

    Create and save on-screen keypads with custom symbol groups that work with specific question types like math and chemistry.

Integrate anywhere

Change the game without changing platforms

Fast, flexible, and powerful—Learnosity’s pre-built solutions handle the under-the-hood complexities of assessment so you can get creative from the get-go.

  • Embeddable

    Learnosity’s intuitive APIs integrate seamlessly into any learning product or digital environment.

  • Rich media & responsive

    Media-enabled and designed to work across devices and browsers, Questions offers more flexibility to fit assessment into modern lifestyles and learning habits.

  • QTI conversion library

    Bring your work with you. Learnosity’s open-source QTI conversion library lets you easily import content you’ve created elsewhere.

  • Auto and manual scoring

    Our rule-based scoring engine automatically marks intricate questions quickly and reliably. Or switch to manual for a more hands-on approach.

  • Accessibility

    We’re committed to designing assessment question types that satisfy WCAG 2.1 and ADA accessibility requirements so you can meet compliance standards by default.

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Learnosity powers assessment excellence for 150+ of the world’s leading learning platforms. Our gold-standard assessment engine has been built with 700,000+ developer hours and counting. Our transformative APIs can instantly make your product more accessible, customizable, and responsive.

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