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BARBRI saves resources and

increases scale with Learnosity.

Learnosity delivers


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BARBRI integrates Learnosity to negotiate its busiest period and deliver over a million tests in a single month.




Higher Ed, Adult & Vocational

Solution delivered

  • Speed to market
  • Scalability & reliability
  • Product integration
  • Customization & flexibility

Building a reputation for excellence requires commitment and continuity. For over 50 years BARBRI has helped generations of law students become attorneys. Its bar preparation programs have steered over 1.3 million law school graduates to exam success – more than the total for all other bar preparation courses combined.

“Effective education relies on engaging people at a more personalized level,” says Mark Kaplan, BARBRI’s Director of IT.

Employing adaptive learning, BARBRI delivers tailored solutions to its large user base and has eyes toward an international market.

“We want to expand,” explains Mark. “The US market is pretty saturated so our expansion plan is to focus on developing the international market.”

The challenge

Seamlessly delivering concurrent assessments to tens of thousands of users.

Reliably delivering assessments at scale represents a major challenge for public-facing companies such as BARBRI. This is particularly true during the company’s peak season – just prior to the real bar exams – when its system must handle a surge of concurrent users from its 55,000 subscriber base over a few short weeks.

Having found previous providers unable to cope with such heavy user demand, BARBRI initially struggled to locate a vendor that could satisfy its requirements. The company even considered developing an assessment solution in-house.

“There are a lot of learning management systems out there but none of them offered what we wanted.”

“We had our own team of developers who had coded our own proprietary stack, so from a commercial perspective, we had to decide whether to go with Learnosity or do everything ourselves.”

"Apart from Learnosity, we couldn’t find another company with enough features and flexibility to even entertain using."

Mark Kaplan

BARBRI Director of IT

The solution

Easily implementing sophisticated tools to work smarter, not harder.

It did not take long before BARBRI’s team realized Learnosity’s build versus buy value.

With Learnosity’s ready-made infrastructure offering massive scale and reliability as standard, the BARBRI team began to uncover the breadth and quality of additional benefits that were available.

“We were really impressed by what Learnosity allowed us to do. Our learning team found the product so easy to use. It was suddenly possible to deliver fully customizable assessments with very little effort, which allowed our team to accomplish more in far less time. The main reason we decided to use Learnosity was that it just wasn’t efficient for us to try to develop in-house the range of functionality it offered us,” says Mark.

Learnosity’s dedicated customer support was another massive plus for BARBRI. “The support documentation is great, but the implementation support team is amazing. Any time we ran into a snag, they found a way out for us. Learnosity’s help-desk includes skilled engineers who really know their stuff. They’re always extremely responsive if we’re experiencing issues or have questions about their most recent product improvements.”

"Why spend time and money trying to reinvent the wheel when there’s a company that’s already done it for you?"

The results

Smooth integration, easy customization, and endless scope for growth.

By using Learnosity, BARBRI was able to meet the demands of its busiest testing period, delivering well over a million tests in a single month and up to 50,000 on its most active days.

In addition, thanks to Learnosity’s quick implementation, intuitive user interface, and strong customer support, BARBRI could reduce development time and significantly increase market share while reinforcing its position as a game-changer in legal education.

“We’ve definitely saved development time on delivering out-of-the-box assessments,” says Mark. “Because Learnosity has provided APIs (Application Programming Interface) for multiple programming languages, integration was pretty seamless, customizing assessments easy, and we’ve been able to utilize lots of new functionality.”

“We think Learnosity can help us a lot from an international perspective. It gives us all the capabilities we need to be able to present our content worldwide.”

"Learnosity is one of few vendors that we integrate into our stack. When it comes to assessment, nothing else comes close."

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