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How Learnosity partnered with iCEV to power product value and business growth

iCEV integrates Learnosity’s assessment technology to quickly develop a better, more valuable product for more users.

With over 30 years’ experience providing pre-packaged courses in career & technical education (CTE) for both K-12 and higher ed instructors, CEV understands the importance of evolution better than most. In 2012, the company brought its offering online by launching iCEV – a cloud-based platform providing instructional resources, courses, and industry-backed certifications in everything from agriculture to law enforcement.

“We use a Netflix-style approach in offering our CTE programs,” says iCEV’s president, Dusty Moore. “Once you’ve subscribed to one of our products you get access to all of the courses and certifications within that product. This allows districts to offer new CTE courses to students without the extra burden of purchasing expensive instructional materials or course work.”

The challenge: Launching 100,000 interactive items in just five months

Initially offering video content only, iCEV sought to build a library of supplemental training material by adding high-quality assets such as lesson plans, activities, and assessments.

“We worked with industry partners to develop certification programs and exams,” explains Dusty. “But there were important challenges to consider: How do we test for certifications in an efficient way? How do we report on assessments and certifications to students, teachers, and other stakeholders?”

To address these questions, iCEV needed a solution that offered both reliability and innovation.

“We know how stressful it is for teachers when the data they need working isn’t accessible, especially during semester exam reporting. We knew that with thousands of teachers looking to us for this important data, having a really dependable solution was a key requirement for us.”

Working to a tight deadline also meant that the team needed to hit the ground running, as Dusty reveals.

“We had a five-month timeframe to make 100,000 items interactive so we needed a system that was easy enough to use to get started right away.”

The solution: More question types, in-depth analytics, and exceptional support

“We didn’t find another company that came close to offering what Learnosity does in terms of quality, functionality, and user experience. After doing our research we had two options – build it ourselves or integrate Learnosity. Based on how well the product met our criteria, it was an easy decision to make.”

With over 60 interactive question types available, Learnosity gave the iCEV team the flexibility it needed to create more engaging student assessments.

The product is fantastic. Our tech team doesn’t need to worry about building, maintaining or adding new assessment and reporting features to our platform. It’s all done for us.
Dusty Moore President, iCEV

“The question types available through Learnosity let us expand our thinking on the kind of content we create and the quality and rigor of our questions. The analytics and reporting that support this also add huge value for our customers since teachers and administrators can learn more about how students are actually responding to the materials.”

As the iCEV team got down to producing content, Learnosity’s developers worked behind the scenes to continuously refine their assessment technology’s scope and performance.

“The product is fantastic. Our tech team doesn’t need to worry about building or maintaining assessment and reporting features to our platform. We get to benefit from whatever new features, reports, and question types Learnosity develops behind the scenes. It’s all done for us.”

In addition to its focus on ease of use and innovation, Dusty believes that Learnosity’s face-to-face customer care has been instrumental in helping iCEV get more from its technology.

“The support we received and continue to receive from Learnosity can only be described as exceptional. They were extremely helpful getting our product off the ground and into classrooms, whether it was working with our curriculum team on how the various question types worked, or quickly fixing any technical issues as soon as they arose.”

The results: New business and an exponential increase in subscribers

In terms of product and business development, using Learnosity has been a game-changer for iCEV.

“Integrating Learnosity has made our product far more valuable,” says Dusty. “It’s helped us win new business, attract new users, and build a better business. We now provide a better service to our customers which in turn has led to an exponential increase in our subscribers.”

As a result of its improved service, traffic to iCEV’s site increased eightfold since integrating Learnosity. In addition, the number of students earning work-ready industry certifications is steadily on the rise – a fact that only adds fuel to iCEV’s ambitions for further growth.

Case Study – iCEV – Stats – Eight times increase in website traffic and 5,000 certifications awarded

“Our future goals are to continue to expand our product offerings to fit the needs of CTE programs. Increasing our use of Learnosity will be vital in achieving this. Honestly, we’ve yet to use the product to anywhere close to its full potential, but we know we can rely on the support team to help us every step of the way in getting us to where we want to be.”

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