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Item Bank Health Check

Keep content standards high with AI

Improve item bank quality and ensure your content represents learner diversity.

DEI content analysis

Support equitable and fair assessments

Diversity is a key measure of item bank quality. Our DEI content checker uses AI to quickly run bulk action item bank checks across key categories to spot and remove bias, support diverse representation, and ensure equitable and fair assessments.

Item remediation

Instantly improve item quality with suggested fixes

Our DEI analyzer goes beyond identifying issues in your item banks to also offer suggested fixes that allow you to instantly enhance the quality of new items or rejuvenate legacy content for modern learners.

AI-generated transcriptions and alt text

AI-assisted accessibility

Easily produce more accessible assessment items with AI-generated transcriptions on audio and video questions. Or make visual content more inclusive by auto-generating high-quality, contextualized alt image text.

AI-generated context

Add value to items without adding cost

Turn every assessment item into learning-rich opportunities with AI-generated worked solutions for math questions and context-rich distractor rationale for MCQ questions and more.

Dig deeper with additional resources

A guide to AI and assessment

Get expert insights on AI and its era-defining impact on assessment, revealing where things are now—and what comes next.

Get a bird's-AI view

Learn more from the experts behind our AI-enriched assessment solutions.

Keep your item bank healthy