Get a deeper understanding with Analytics

Understand learners’ needs, measure progress, and track results in real time with Learnosity Analytics – a suite of advanced reporting tools and APIs that delivers powerful insights.

Get a deeper understanding with Analytics

What matters to you?

From tracking skills and progress to identifying points of difficulty, we reveal the true nuances of student learning. Summarize, explore, and compare a range of statistical measures across student populations, from individual to class to district levels.

Individual reports

Better understand a student’s needs with detailed custom reports that highlight learners’ strengths and weaknesses and make it easier for teachers to adjust learning experiences accordingly.

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Classroom reports

Track progress at class level to get a complete understanding of student performance and identify areas for lesson planning and teacher improvements.

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Large group reporting

Map learning across student populations in schools and districts. Drawing on data from millions of tests, large group reporting makes sense of the big picture.

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Learning outcomes reporting

Measure student progress against specific curriculum requirements with learning outcomes reporting. Detailed feedback and actionable insights make it easier for teachers to offer the additional support that students need.

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What matters to you?

Optimize the experience

Report on and improve your content quality.

Item analysis

With comprehensive measurement and reporting on your assessment content, item analysis ensures you’ll always know what’s working and what needs fine tuning. As a result, you’ll be able to tailor the learning experience and quickly make changes that benefit future learners.

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Keep pace with student progress

Give on-the-spot assistance during an assessment or in the classroom.

Live progress reports

From first response to final answer, live performance tracking lets you see how each student is progressing during an assessment, and give on-the-spot assistance. Use the control panel to pause exams, extend exam time, or advance groups to specific questions.

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Keep big data in balance

We make it simple to manage complex data.

Your data, your way

However you use Learnosity, your data is yours alone. It’s available to read and write programmatically, embed, and export in interchangeable formats. Securely stored on our servers, you can access it instantly 24/7, saving you money on infrastructure and in-house data management.

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Embeddable reports

Put your assessment data to good use with simple, instant reporting wherever you need it. Our embeddable reports can also be customized to suit your specific requirements.

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If you’re working with a lot of data, synchronizing and batching can put a huge strain on your resources. Learnosity Firehose lets you access data instantly by pumping it to your database in near real time as students submit their work.

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