Powerful math questions and smart scoring

Learnosity math questions are powered by a custom-built math-scoring engine that understands mathematical syntax and rules.

The math-scoring engine lets learners enter responses in a wide variety of forms and syntaxes without being penalized for using different variable ordering, bracketing or spacing between elements.

This smart approach to scoring enables instructors to ask open-ended math questions with multiple possible answers and still auto-score responses instantly.

Math formula cloze

In the cloze math question the learners enters a math response into a response box (or several) as set by the author. This can then be placed on multiple lines as part of an equation, or inline with text.

Use the keypad below to enter an answer.
Click on the empty containers to activate the keypad

Math formula image

The label image math question type allows learners to label an image, such as a geometric shape, with a math equation response. The questions can be validated with advanced math-specific scoring methods.

Activate the keypad to enter your response.


Math Question Generator

Math Question Generator is a tool for content authors that enables easy creation of math questions that use dynamic content. It removes the repetitive tasks of populating data sets, formulating items, and calculating the correct scores for each adaptation.


Gif of math question generator in action

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