Guide students with personalized feedback

However efficient the delivery and scoring, there should always be room to give personalized feedback in the learning experience. Our online assessments offer the ability to do just that, allowing teachers to spend more time offering one-to-one guidance and developing student understanding.

Teacher feedback

Just as we capture the answers to millions of student assessments each month, our interactive tools can also gather detailed instructor feedback. Use free text, audio recorders, rating scales, and a variety of other helpful tools to capture feedback, which can be used to improve the experience, or shared directly with students.

Try it for yourself

Here’s a live example of teacher feedback. Click on the grey bubble for the unmarked question to see the student’s answer. The teacher has the ability to provide detailed feedback using the simple preconfigured selectors, free text, or even a voice recording.

Go one step further with a detail response.
Teacher's personalized feedback


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