Better understand student responses using annotation tools

With our intuitive annotation tools, students can make notes, add multi-color highlights to text, add sticky notes and draw right on the page. More than just visual aids, they can enable advanced assessments that display the thought processes behind students’ answers.


Add a notepad to an assessment and at the click of a button, students will have a plain text area to capture their thoughts and roughwork.

Using the notepad tool


Highlight text

Allow students to highlight text. Choose from multiple colour palettes or create your own, there’s even an accessibility option. It’s a useful tool that makes it easy for students to refer back to passages of text while composing answers.

Using highlight tool


Drawing tool

Allow students to create freehand drawings right on the page. This feature can be used to draw attention to certain areas, visually mark a boundary, or mark up content.

Using drawing tool


Sticky notes

Students can use sticky notes as in-context notes or reminders as they progress through an assessment.

Using sticky notes tool


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