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Supercharged infrastructure for learning innovators

Build robust, scalable learning products by leveraging Learnosity's cloud expertise and AWS's rock-solid infrastructure.

Unrivaled reliability

Our customers trust us to power their assessments at any scale. Here’s how our deep expertise in AWS enables you to deliver industrial-grade results.

Scalability & regional resilience

We use Auto Scaling in response to daily traffic fluctuations. By seamlessly distributing traffic across three AWS Availability Zones per region, we reduce the risk of an internal AWS failure and ensure uninterrupted service.

Secure network design

We use VPC segregation, network ACLs, and security groups to provide a solid underlying network pattern. Load balancers and Cloudfront eliminate single points of failure in front of our system, while also boosting performance by bringing content closer to users.

Advanced data layer

We’re continuously evolving the rich storage and database layer underpinning our system (so you don’t have to). Data transitions seamlessly from transactional RDS instances to use case optimized OpenSearch and Redshift data warehouses for snappy search and reporting.

Elastic compute capacity

We optimize computing power in response to customers’ immediate needs while minimizing costs. The different components of our system scale on EC2, ECS, and Lambda during periods of high demand, then scale back when no longer required.

Decoupled for dependability

Safely capturing assessment responses is paramount. That’s why we’ve decoupled our architecture. By focusing on saving the response, then using SQS to queue scoring and further processing, each answer is captured with confidence every time.

Multi-tier security

We continuously test and reinforce multiple lines of defense. We ensure we’re using the right tool for the job by leveraging Security Hub, Secrets Manager, KMS, and Cloudtrail as part of our comprehensive security program.

With AWS, we’ve been able to build a rock-solid, highly scalable platform that ensures our clients always stay a step ahead.

Mark Lynch

CSO and co-founder of Learnosity


Case study

Integrating Learnosity allowed OnCourse to quickly build and deliver hundreds of thousands of interactive assessments to users across multiple districts.

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