Total content management clarity

Support professional authors and content managers in easily managing high volumes of content with tagging and drill-down search criteria.

Tagging and metadata for easy content categorization

Help authors and content managers make the most of their time by easily categorizing content for rapid content organization and retrieval.

Tagging and metadata allows authors to contextualize and manage their content by any categories they require. They can also create tag hierarchies to group related tags together and give them hierarchical relationships.

For example, if English is a chosen subject tab, related topic tags could include comprehension, writing, and grammar. This makes the content easier to locate and reuse. Additionally, the tagging functionality integrates seamlessly with Learnosity Analytics for detailed student learning insights.

Make content searchable and browsable

Learnosity Author enables high-performing search functionality using item content, tags, metadata, questions types, tag hierarchies, and more. This makes it easy for content managers to find, use, and report on any items they wish.

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