Feature-rich advanced authoring at your fingertips

A powerful and intuitive suite of authoring tools that gives content experts and publishers all they need to build assessments that enrich the learning experience for students at all levels.

Flexible scoring for complex content

Learnosity supports flexible scoring modes. Choose to score per question, dichotomously, or set up Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR) scoring.

Additionally, authors can set the acceptance criteria to cater for student responses that match correct answers either exactly or partially. By using the option to disable scoring, they can also easily create practice assessment content.

Avoid learner distractions with flexible question interface customization

Minimize distraction by simplifying the question interface for students. Control what options the learner sees when setting up a question – from simplifying formatting options to adding useful tools such at protractors or calculators.

Author interactive content for any subject

Easily author engaging content in any subject area including math, science, and language learning by adding rich media directly into content. Embed or upload videos, GIFs, audio files, and more to enrich the learning experience.

Take control of test navigation

The action builder lets you set a tempo to suit a range of test use cases. Choose from a wealth of options to autoplay audio and video content, auto-record spoken responses, or disable student-question interactions.

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