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AI-assisted authoring

Say hi AI 👋

Meet Author Aide, your new creative collaborator

AI-supported assessment

AI that’s tailor-made for assessment

Author Aide is made with content creators in mind, giving them a highly-curated set of features to maximize the power of AI and dramatically boost content output and response quality.

AI-powered productivity

Transform how you create—and think

Author Aide handles the heavy-lifting of content creation to let authors redirect their brainpower to where it matters most. Just select the question type you want, choose an area of interest, add a prompt, and let Author Aide generate high-quality material and learner feedback in seconds. Burnout’s out, trailblazing is in.

AI-enhanced UI

Reach high standards in record time

With built-in capabilities to keep your content standards- and curricula-aligned, tailor its complexity level (Bloom’s taxonomy), and rapidly translate it into seven languages, Author Aide lets you shape AI-generated content to a consistently high standard.

Get specific with source material

More context, more accurate content

Powered by GPT-4, Author Aide can handle nuanced instruction but becomes even more powerful when supplied with specific source material—like learning standards, syllabus, or textbooks. The clearer the context, the better it’ll meet your needs.

AI-enabled, human-enhanced

Review, refine, repeat

We’ve designed Author Aide to put creators in control. If you want to refine any AI-created content—whether in questions or feedback—you can easily make edits, add additional prompts, go freeform, or hit “Regenerate” to make something brand new.

Be confident in your content


At no time does OpenAI store or “learn” from the prompts entered by you or your authors.


Author Aide seamlessly integrates with the overall assessment creation experience.


AI that’s there when you need it. Simply switch it on from your authoring UI to get started.

What others are saying…

“In terms of achieving its main goals—to reduce friction; speed up question writing, and standardize the consistency of questions — it achieves on all levels, and to a very satisfying degree.”

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