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Introducing Author Aide

Learnosity's first step into the world of AI

Author Aide is here 🎉

Combining years of assessment expertise with the power of GPT-4, Author Aide lets content authors quickly generate high-quality, high-volume assessment item banks in any subject, at any level.

For Learnosity, Author Aide is a giant step into the realm of AI—but we're just getting started on this journey.

Watch our on-demand webinar now, featuring CEO Gavin Cooney and SVP of Product Michael Sharman, to get a closer look at our plans for AI 👉


Watch the webinar

In this on-demand webinar, we will:

Share why Learnosity is excited about AI's potential to shake up the learning industry
Demonstrate the full power of Author Aide
And provide a brief overview of AI’s future at Learnosity