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Certified Partner

Smooth Fusion

We help organizations achieve their goals through the planning and implementation of digital strategy, whether that means building and maintaining web sites, developing mobile and responsive applications, supporting social sharing, or creating the backend that drives it all.

We have extensive experience integrating and extending the Learnosity APIs. Specifically the Reports API, the Assess API, as well as customized grade reports through the Data API. Additionally, we have made use of the LTI grade pass back features for use in a custom LTI implementation.

Our mission is to make the development of custom web and mobile solutions painless. We achieve this with our rare combination of technical talent, people skills, and formal process.

Multi-faceted team
Our team is made up of strategists, project managers, software engineers, developers, designers, and quality assurance specialists. By working in specific roles within a professional process, we ensure the success of our clients’ initiatives.

Quick Facts

Experienced Developers
We have been trusted by well-known brands globally since 2001.

Homegrown Talent
We do all our development work in the United States.

Extensive Learnosity Experience
We have been architecting and implementing solutions using Learnosity for several years.

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