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Since our start in 2002, e-learning has been our sole focus. This experience has resulted in unparalleled expertise creating and adapting dynamic, vibrant, engaging content—capitalizing on the strengths and skirting the inevitable limitations of the digital tools used to deliver it.

Our assessment experience spans the continuum from relatively static digital items to tech-enhanced high-stakes items and algorithmic items. What makes our clients keep coming back is that we embrace the art of writing assessments that are valuable to both teacher and student: selecting the best available item template, zeroing in on the target skill, and crafting the interaction to the developmental level of the student.

Quick Facts

Exclusively e-learning
ePP has always, and only, developed e-learning content. Unlike many of our competitors, we did not start as print content developers who then migrated to digital. We have a solid digital mindset and almost 25 years (and counting!) of experience to draw upon.

SME project directors
Unlike traditional book editors, our project directors are producers who understand digital instructional design and have subject matter and pedagogical expertise. This enables seamless communication between the client and the ePP team. It also allows us to do a thin slice internally before fully staffing a project, which ensures that most potential pitfalls are discovered and resolved before full development begins. This makes ePP the first choice for many of the freelancers in our network.

“ePP eyes”
ePP is known for what we call “ePP eyes.” Our SME project directors review everything before it goes back to the client. This ensures consistency, standardization, and the premier quality we are known for. It is a non-negotiable part of our brand.

Initial extensive analysis and documentation
ePP is renowned—or maybe even notorious!—for asking many thoughtful, specific questions during RFP development. We thoroughly consider each potential project based on our broad and deep experience, and we supply a detailed list of assumptions and notes about what is and isn’t included in our budget. This initial extensive analysis and documentation all but eliminates the need for change orders and deadline extensions.

True partners
We take the “Partners” part of our name very seriously. We are often called upon as early as the ideation phase to work alongside new-to-digital clients. Even our more seasoned digital clients rely on us for digital workflow and process expertise that transcends the content itself. Almost every client we’ve ever worked with has commented on the sense of intimacy this partnership model creates.

Fully onshore
ePP is fully onshore and always has been. We understand that there are appealing aspects to offshoring content development; however, this model does not align with our brand.

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