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STEM, coding, & innovation

A guide to future-proof assessments

From calculus to chemistry to coding, STEM encompasses some of the most complex content in the world of learning.

And higher order skills require highly engaging assessment.

Delight your users (both authors and learners) with a wide breadth of STEM-focused question experiences. Seamlessly embed a variety of specialist tools into your assessments, from graphing calculators to 3D interactives, to deliver a richer learning experience. 

Based on insights gained by delivering and scoring 1.7 billion math questions per year, our handy guide outlines the major requirements behind a best-in-class STEM assessment experience.

Discover how to level up your STEM assessments now.

Discover how to

Deliver modern STEM experiences that make your product stand out
Master the most advanced forms of math scoring
Generate STEM content faster and more easily
Boost the inclusivity of STEM assessments