A fast, flexible math scoring engine

Our pioneering smart scoring algorithm lets content creators and educators ask open-ended math questions and allows for multiple possible answers from students.

Support math learning at all levels

Learnosity’s smart math scoring engine lets authors define their own parameters for correct answers, meaning students can enter responses in a variety of forms and syntaxes without losing marks unnecessarily. And because responses are auto-scored, authors save time and resources by no longer needing to enter validations for more advanced math questions.


Ensure students express answers in a simplified form and in the correct syntax.

Math scoring – Simplified



Customizable rounding rules allow for multiple correct answers, regardless of how a student chooses to round their answer.

Math scoring – Decimals


Unit equivalents

Students can enter answers in any equivalent units.

Math scoring – Unit equivalents


Fractions, decimals & percent

Equivalent answers can be marked correct.

Math scoring – Fractions, decimals, percentage



Students can enter equivalent answers, as long as they are in factored form. Answers not in factored form, although equivalent, will not be counted as correct.

Math scoring – Factors



The math scoring engine can even recognize equivalent trigonometric identities while disallowing students from entering the original value.

Math scoring – Trignonometry


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