Break down language barriers with internationalization

Support authors and deliver assessments in any language, anywhere on the planet, with our internationalized, versatile tools.

Never be at a loss for words

There’s no tongue we can’t master. By using label bundles, assessment and authoring environments can be manually translated into any language you choose – making access to an international audience of learners and content creators so much easier.

Support for right-to-left script

Whatever direction you write, you can’t go wrong. Authors can now create assessments in right-to-left languages, such as Egyptian Arabic and Hebrew. Nine Question types are currently supported in RTL – including cloze drag & drop, text, and drop-down – and more are in the works.  

Allow us to translate

Skip the manual process of translating your assessments’ labels and simply choose from our ever-growing selection of pre-built language bundles, including Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and more.  

See the assessment demo below showcasing our pre-built French label bundles:

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