Boost your authoring team’s productivity

An all-in-one platform that lets content authors create, customize, preview, and manage interactive assessment content with ease.

Streamline content creation, management, and delivery

Our Author Site lets content creators hit the ground running. Produce items from day one; build, configure, and preview activities; tag, search, and manage content – all with direct integration into Learnosity’s suite of assessment products.

Customize your workflow

We know that one authoring workflow doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we also offer a set of flexible content editing tools for creating, browsing, and finding content in your Learnosity item bank. It’s the best of both worlds – you build a workflow that integrates best with your own portal while we take care of item storage and management.

Easily assign access to content and manage changes

Author Site gives content managers the tools they need to assign and manage user access to their item bank content. Easily follow the audit trail to keep track of what changes have been made to content and when they were made.

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