Fast, accurate, and automatic scoring

Speed up the assessment cycle, save teaching time, and support immediate student feedback with auto-scoring.


Our rule-based scoring engine automatically marks all auto-scorable questions instantly. For low-stakes tests, scoring can be performed live in the browser. By securely scoring all assessments in near real time and providing on-the-spot reports, auto-scoring reduces the workload for teachers and offers students lightning-fast performance insights.

Auto-scoring is available across all subjects, including math and chemistry.

Scoring can be partial or per question.

Awards points for each part of an item answered correctly.

Item Scoring - Per Question scoring showing how it works
Scoring can be dichotomous

Full points for fully correct responses, zero points for partially correct answers.

Item Scoring - Dichotomous
Scoring can also be set to dependent scoring

Multi-part scoring where the first response must be correct to receive credit for later responses. Our dependent scoring rules can be configured to support varied scoring paths.

Item Scoring - Dependent (EBSR)

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