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Tuva, the leading data literacy company, creates the Tuva and Tuva Jr. data, graphing, and statistical tools. These powerful, easy-to-use tools and our library of authentic, real-world datasets are leading the way in the teaching, learning, and assessment of foundational concepts, topics, phenomena, and practices across math, science, social studies, and other disciplines.

Through the Tuva and Learnosity partnership, you can author powerful and engaging lessons, items, and performance tasks that enable learners to explore, manipulate, visualize, and analyze real-world data as part of their learning or assessment experience.

Learn more about partnering with Tuva at

Quick Facts

Tuva dataset library

Explore our library of 500+ authentic, ready-to-use datasets across a wide array of topics at

Tuva Jr. library

Explore the Tuva Jr. library and bring foundational K-5 math and science concepts and topics to life for curricula and assessments. Get started at

Tuva tools always available for free

The Tuva tools are available for free for all educators and students. Get started at

Accessibility of Tuva tools

The Tuva tools are accessible for learners with various physical or cognitive disabilities. Learn more about our commitment and approach to accessibility here.

A data visualisation from the Tuva Labs integration with Learnosity.

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