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Qualified is a technical assessment platform built by developers, for developers. Instead of issuing generic code challenges, Qualified provides Learnosity clients with over 500 highly configurable challenges based on real-world coding scenarios. Qualified’s full suite of development tools supports an extensive library of technologies to build your own tasks from scratch so you can tailor-make content to match your curriculum.

Qualified is leveraged in multiple education settings. Common use cases for Qualified include coding assignments, course exams, ranking students by assessment performance, identifying training gaps in the curriculum, and experiential learning. In partnership with Learnosity, our assessment platform can track developer growth and ability at a granular level so you know how to best support your learners.

Quick Facts

Authentic, Skills-based Assessment

Qualified’s assessments closely mirror real-world tasks. This exposes students to actual work environments and challenges within the platform. With a focus on unit testing and real-time coding tasks, students can practice specific skills, such as debugging, algorithm efficiency, and code optimization. 

Multiple challenges types

Qualified offers multiple challenge types so you can test students in a comprehensive way. A Classic Code Challenge is our simplest type, lending itself well to basic coding tasks. Project Code Challenges (PCC) provide a format that allows developers to test for coding tasks involving multiple files. PCC also offers a number of unique configuration options and the ability to support front-end web coding tasks that involve building a user interface. 

Customization and Scalability

All 500+ pre-built challenges are highly configurable with the flexibility to align assessments with specific education goals. The platform is versatile for various educational settings and scalable to large numbers of students. Create custom assessments or tailor existing assessments to specific learning objectives, course levels, and student capabilities.

Real-time Feedback & Automated scoring 

With Qualified, students see detailed failures for each test case. This accelerates the learning process, helping to reinforce concepts through immediate feedback and the opportunity for students to understand their mistakes and correct them on the spot. Completed assessments are automatically graded, and scores are populated on Learnosity, reducing the workload on instructors and providing a standardized way of evaluating student performance.

UI/UX Design Skills

The real-time UI preview feature can be particularly beneficial for teaching front-end development, enabling students to immediately see the impact of their code on the user interface, which is crucial for learning UI/UX design principles.

Flexibility in Solutions

Students aren’t constrained to predefined solutions, which encourages creative problem-solving and critical thinking, skills highly valued in software development

Product video

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Screenshot of Qualified's code on Learnosity platform

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