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GeoGebra is a longstanding Learnosity partner who have been providing interactive math assessment items with several Learnosity partners for several years. A new addition to what they offer is the new GeoGebra Notes question type which can be used in all subjects, not just math.

GeoGebra Calculators

GeoGebra provides several powerful math tools including a graphing calculator, geometry tool, spreadsheet, probability calculator, algebra calculator and 3D graphing.


GeoGebra Notes

GeoGebra Notes is a brand-new assessment tool that allows students to enter a free-form answer to go along with any other existing Learnosity question type. For example you may want them to label parts of a plant:


The Notes feature also has some extra built-in tools so that students can show their working for math problems:


GeoGebra Math Assessment Items

GeoGebra offers an open-ended question type backed by the full GeoGebra engine which allows many different types of assessment questions. For example the user can enter an equation but equally for younger students they can simply drag points around or manipulate a bar chart as it’s shown on the screen.

The GeoGebra engine has full support for assessing any mathematical objects that you will need - all the way from points, circles and polygons up to derivatives, integrals and differential equations.

The unique GeoGebra user interface allows students to have an accessible way to answer questions - they can always either use the mouse, tablet or keyboard to enter their answers - often by dragging rather than just typing a number in a box.

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