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Freedom Learning Group

Freedom Learning Group (FLG) is the leading educational courseware, content, and services provider powered by a global workforce of military spouses and veterans. Military family founded and built on the backbone of technology, their unprecedented mission to empower military spouses and veterans through flexible, virtual, and relevant career opportunities in their area of expertise.

From home offices around the globe, FLG team members are blazing a trail in the edtech industry. Through bold leadership and commitment, their success is measured by fostering client relationships in the publishing, education, and corporate sectors to deliver a best-in-class consultative experience.

Freedom Learning Group's team is innovative, multidisciplinary, and taking careers into the future.

Quick Facts

Best-in-class consultative experience
FLG delivers a best-in-class consultative experience to clients in the publishing, education, and corporate sectors providing start-to-finish support on a variety of projects.

Diverse specializations

FLG specializes in accessibility, accuracy review, assessment authoring, audio and video, content development, curriculum development, e-learning, instructional design, subject matter expertise, and workforce development. Teams of subject matter experts (SMEs), project managers, and senior project directors work together to develop and review educational content based on the client’s needs.

Social mission driven business model

FLG’s cutting-edge business model is intentionally designed to fit the needs of military spouses and veterans while keeping them competitive in their respective professional fields. Their fully virtual company provides military spouses and veterans—across all five branches of the military—with flexibility and virtual careers to remain relevant in their industry while living the unique lifestyle required of a military family.

A virtual, global workforce

  • FLG has contributors in 36 states and 10 different countries. Their virtual, global workforce make up a team of subject matter experts, project managers, and senior-project directors.
  • The FLG retention rate is nearly 86%. This means that last year, 86% of FLG contributors returned for additional projects or statements of work.
  • 77% of FLG’s global workforce are military spouses or veterans.

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