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Academic Benchmarks

Academic Benchmarks, delivered through Elevate Standards Alignment at Instructure, Inc., is the market-leading system and repository of digitized learning standards, education search terms, and unique identifiers, covering more than 4 million learning standards.

Learnosity provides functionality within its assessment tools to allow joint edtech customers to use Academic Benchmarks standards and GUIDs in the Learnosity components embedded in their applications, so assessment content can be more easily aligned to and searched by learning standards.

Quick Facts

Browse and Tag Learning Standards

Academic Benchmarks learning standards metadata—such as standards text, academic subject, and grade level—is visible in Learnosity’s item authoring user interface, for streamlined and accurate standards alignment of items authored in Learnosity.

Search by Learning Standards

Assessment content that has been tagged with Academic Benchmarks standards and GUIDs can be searched for by learning standard.

Extensive Coverage of Academic Standards

Academic Benchmarks offers digitized standards for more than 255 education authorities, including all 50 states and D.C., national standards such as the Next Generation Science Standards®, Career and Technical Education (CTE), international authorities, ISTE® standards, and College Board AP® Standards.

Rigorous Learning Standard Collection Process

Instructure continuously reviews learning standards. Once documented, each standard is digitized and deconstructed into the most granular ideas, enriched with education metadata, and linked to related standards.

Broad Content Interoperability

Academic Benchmarks learning standards include a unique identifier, the AB GUID, that is widely adopted in edtech and considered the “standard for standards” by more than 200 content publishers and edtech applications.

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