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CSA Education

CSA Education’s team has spent over thirty years dedicating themselves to providing creative content, smart design, and accurate alignments to our educational provider partners. Our departments work collaboratively to create programs that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

We believe in proactive responses, transparency, and client access to the people working on the project. US subject-matter experts on staff work with our independent contractors to plan and develop programs and assessments that are pedagogically sound and engaging for students. 

CSA Education maintains relationships with some of the most prominent leaders in the educational publishing industry. We continue to be sought after for our curriculum and assessment development, instructional design, alignment services, and production services. 

Quick Facts

Curriculum and assessment development 

Our content services include concept and prototype development, blueprint and scope & sequence development, writing, instructional design, assessment development, content editing, accessibility reviews, alt text writing, quality assurance, and integrated SEL/SECD competencies. 

Alignment services

For over a decade, the Alignment Services team has provided our clients with accurate, clear, and useful correlations for a wide variety of print and digital programs, including assessment alignments. Our dedicated team of subject-matter experts, educators, and analysts work to identify the scope of each unique project. All our alignments are done manually to ensure clarity and a level of nuance that only the human touch can provide. Our clients include sales and marketing departments, editorial and content developers, product management, and assessment specialists. 

Design and production capabilities

At CSA Education, we are meticulous about design and production, with a focus on efficiencies and quality assurance. We work to ensure assets are built correctly and that the entire team is aware of the specifications and any global changes made during the project.

Project management 

The CSA Education team works collaboratively through integrated workflows to increase efficiency and to complete projects on time and on budget. Client involvement is critical to the success of every project, and CSA works hand-in-hand with our clients. We provide them with open channels to speak with our team members and receive regular updates on the state of their projects. 


Education is never stagnant. New trends are always being explored to give students the most beneficial learning experience. CSA Education stays on top of trends to keep our clients’ work at the forefront, whether through adapting social-emotional learning to pre-existing lessons or providing additional activities to suit individual students' learning styles. 

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