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Atomic Jolt

Atomic Jolt empowers publishers to deliver branded Learnosity content within their existing LMS with Atomic Assessments, a full-featured LTI-based Learnosity integration for Learning Management Systems, including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and Brightspace.

Additionally, we specialize in building custom Learnosity-based solutions for educational technology companies and content providers.

Quick Facts

For Content Providers
Through Atomic Assessments, publishers can deliver their branded Learnosity-powered content inside of a client's existing Learning Management System (LMS). Schools can license Atomic Assessments to create and manage Learnosity assessments from within their LMS.

Product Designer
Content providers use the Learnosity Connector’s Product Designer to define one or more products to offer to their clients. Define a product by specifying which Learnosity assessments to include, how to organize them, and the branding for the product; then generate URLs for your clients to install your products into their LMS.

Learnosity Player
An LMS LTI launches Atomic Assessments, built on top of the Learnosity Player so that students can take assessments. The assessment presents using the specified options and sends student scores back to the LMS.

For Universities & Schools
Atomic Assessments allows universities and schools to easily create and deliver Learnosity-powered assessments through their existing LMS without requiring extensive integration efforts.

Assignment Manager
Teachers use the Assignment Manager to assign Learnosity assessments to students and configure assessment options, such as how many times a student can attempt the assessment. Where supported by the LMS, the Assignment Manager creates corresponding LMS assignments that can be easily organized into modules and accessed through the LMS assignment list.

Performance Reports
Teachers and school administrators view summaries and detailed reports showing student performance and trends. The reports include ones offered by Learnosity and additional custom reports unique to Atomic Assessments.

Atomic Assessments

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