Interactive question types for every learner

Easily set and score questions on complex subjects across curriculums at all levels.

Interactive question types for every learner

Questions that engage and unlock learning

With a wide range of user-friendly interactive question formats, easily enhance your learning and assessment experience.

Intro: Multiple choice questions

Design even the most simple of question types the way you want with flexible layouts, multi-select, and alternate response options.

Flexible multiple choice question formats

Deliver multiple choice questions in a variety of ways. Choose from a standard layout, choice matrix, or rating scale.

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Intro: Fill in the blanks and labelling questions

Create fill in the blanks questions using text, images, dropdowns, labelling and drag and drop functionality.

Fill in the blanks

Easily create small or large passages of text that students can respond to by choosing missing words, or adding text themselves.

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Add labels to images

Create an image question that lets learners interactively add labels with drag and drop, drop down, or manually input text.

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Intro: Classify, match, and order questions

Save time marking, with answer classification, matching, and ordering – all scored instantly.

Classify or pair responses

Allow learners to drag and drop responses into categories or have learners pair responses with the correct item in a static list.

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Order or sort lists

Let learners arrange items into their correct order by dragging and dropping with the sort list question type. Reorder words, paragraphs of text, or sentences within a paragraph with the order list question type.

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Intro: Math questions

Complex questions made simple, from fractions to algebraic matrices. Create quickly and easily, and score with confidence.

Math formula response and fill in the blank

Math learners can respond to math questions, or fill in the blanks, using our flexible on-screen formula keypads.

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Math essay

An insightful question type to show worked answers. With the math essay question type, students can input text and math formulas within the same response.

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Intro: Chemistry questions

Easily set and score advanced questions on molecular, empirical, and condensed structural formulas.

Chemistry formula response and fill in the blank

Science learners can respond to chemistry questions, or fill in the blanks, using the flexible on-screen chemistry formula keypad.

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Chemistry essay

Perfect for showing worked answers, the chemistry essay question type allows students to input text and chemical formulas within the same response.

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Intro: Charts and graphs questions

Generate complex charts and graphs however you like, and deploy smart scoring that accommodates multiple possible answers.

Flexible charts for all subjects

Students can easily show their knowledge by creating bar charts, line charts, histograms, dot plots, and line plots.

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Graph points, polygons, parabolas, and more

Allow students to plot points, lines, and shapes on a coordinate grid.

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Interactive number line

Enable students to drag predetermined points or text responses onto a number line or have the learners plot points. Great for math, science, and history questions.

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Fill the shape response

Using the fill shape question type, students can drag and drop different sized parts into a circle, grid, or rectangle, as a response to a question, or to complete the shape in degrees, percent or fractions. Great for math subjects and much more.

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Intro: Rich media questions

Perfect for language assessment, you can embed audio and video in your questions, and even capture students’ spoken responses.

Record audio & video responses

Enable students to record and submit audio and video responses. Especially useful for language assessment, the embedded recorders can record, save, and playback students’ responses.

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Audio and video player

With this feature you can easily embed a selection of audio and video player types with customizable UIs. A great way to make content more engaging for learners.

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Upload a file as a response

Learners can upload a variety of file types easily within the learning experience to show work, submit a document, or submit an image.

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Intro: Highlight the response questions

Make it easy for students to select their answer, or mark up an area of content with highlight functionality.

Highlight text in content

Allow students to easily highlight preconfigured words, sentences, or paragraphs by just clicking on the text.

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Interactive image markup

Annotate, draw lines and circles, or add a freehand drawing on an image that is uploaded by the student or alternately by the question author, creating more possibilities to personalize responses.

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Select the hotspot area

Use the shading or hotspot question types to let students select defined areas of a grid or image. These can be used for a variety of questions, from math and geography assessments to corporate training and more.

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Draw Circles and Lines

Designed for flexibility, our drawing question includes compass, line, and eraser tools that enable more complex geometric constructions. Learners can also draw freehand over background images that they – or content creators – have uploaded.

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Intro: Written questions

Make it easy for students to create and submit essays using rich text question formats. You can even set and manage word counts.

Long essay and short answer

Question types for all written response questions. Capture long-form responses with a choice between rich text capabilities and simplified formatting or capture short text responses.

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Intro: Support with tools

Equip students for technical or math-based questions with digital tools such as calculators, protractors, or rulers. Or help them keep their place on the page with our line reader tool.

Customizable image tool

Provide rulers and protractors as part of a question stimulus, or add your own custom images. Students can then easily drag, rotate, and interact with them on screen.

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Basic and scientific calculators

Easily include the right calculator for your content in just a few clicks.

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Custom questions

Our flexible APIs make it easy for your development team to build tailor-made questions to suit your specific needs. They can then be delivered and scored by Learnosity.

Build the questions you need

You get full control over the rendering of the response area, the user interactions, and the scoring. Responses for custom questions can be saved and resumed later, and the score results can be included in Learnosity’s reports right alongside our standard question types.

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Fast scoring means teachers and students get immediate reporting and feedback.

Automatic, manual, and powerful math scoring

Most questions can be automatically scored in real-time on submission by our smart rule-based scoring engine – for low stakes tests, it happens live in the browser. Find out more about Learnosity Assessments auto-scoring and the powerful Learnosity Math scoring engine.

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