Help learners find the flow with superior test navigation

Put learners at the heart of the learning experience. Configure the events that trigger specific actions to create clearer navigation – resulting in a smoother test flow for students.

Action Builder gives content creators step-by-step control over learners’ assessment journeys. By defining which events trigger which actions, you can provide students with a clearer, more automated user experience that helps them concentrate on the task at hand rather than the technology in use. 

Use the Action Builder to:

  • Autoplay audio and video content
  • Auto-record spoken responses
  • Disable in-question student interaction

See it in action

In the demo below, the video is configured to automatically play once the test loads. The learner must watch the entire video, before answering the question so the MCQ response options have been disabled until the video is finished playing.  See more examples of the Action Builder in use.

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