Seamless authoring made easy

Create the learning experience your students deserve. Learnosity’s Author tools make it easy for teachers, developers, and professional authors to create, manage, and deliver impactful and effective content for learners.

Seamless authoring made easy

Out-of-the-box teacher authoring

Give your teachers a head start with an easy way to quickly create engaging, quality content that’s tailored to students' needs.

Hit the ground running

Our teacher authoring interface is a streamlined version of our powerful professional authoring tool that educators can easily and regularly use to create, manage, share, and track their content.

More time for students

Simple layouts allow teachers to save time creating assessments, meaning they can focus more on their students and developing their learning experience outside of assessment and scoring.

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Conquer the content authoring process

Accelerate the pace of your organization’s productivity with Learnosity’s Author Site and advanced authoring features.

Up to speed in a flash

Easy to use and designed to promote collaborative workflows, Learnosity’s Author Site makes it easy to get an immediate start in creating, managing, and delivering engaging assessment content.

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Save money from day one

Even with a small development team, you can deliver an engaging assessment experience quickly and affordably. Learnosity’s content authoring tools are already tried and tested, thereby minimizing the risk of delivery problems and their associated costs for you.

Create powerful assessments

Packed with rich features and format options, Learnosity gives your professional authors the freedom to create assessments the way they want, for a more engaging, personalized experience that students will respond to.

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Craft your content, your way

At the heart of authoring, WYSIWYG editing and our intuitive tools make it easy for your team to adapt content to the needs of your learners.

A powerful, responsive interface

All question types on Learnosity can be tailored to meet your needs in our easy-to-use editor. The editor can be used as is, or customized and embedded in your own applications as a customizable UI.

Navigation made simple

Authors can decide the layout of content created at the touch of a button, saving time designing assessments. The result is an easy-to-follow, engaging learning experience that makes it easy to mix and match styles.

Explore our WYSIWYG editing features

All your content in one place

We’ve made it fast and easy to tag, organize, store, and manage all your content, helping your team make long-term gains in performance and productivity.

Smart item banks

We’ll help you make the most of all your content. We manage millions of items in our enterprise item banking systems. Smart tagging and metadata ensure everything is easy to search or browse, delivered securely, and simple to manage.

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Streamlined creation

Dynamic content and shared passage support are features that let you significantly cut down the time it takes to create assessments. Because they repurpose similar content, there’s no need to enter large amounts of data – just import what you’ve got and you’re good to go.

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Multimedia support

Capture the imagination of learners and make questions easier to understand with full multimedia support. Embed video, audio, or interactive animations in your assessments to enhance the learning experience.

Put content in context

We’ve made it easy to decide who can see what. Tag hierarchies and item bank snapshots ensure the right users see the right content at the right time.

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Stay on top of versioning

The integrated audit trail makes it easy to trace the change history of items, including a visual ‘before and after’, helping you monitor content as it evolves.

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