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Westchester Education Services

Westchester Education Services offers educational publishers and ed tech providers a complete spectrum of services. Our teams of industry veterans are experts in developing literacy, math, science, social studies, ELT, bilingual literacy, translation, and assessment products, including content creation for student and teacher-facing materials; original illustrations, photo research, page design, page layout, and post-development editorial and pre-press production, including e-Pub conversion.

Quick Facts

Full range of services
Westchester specializes in creating all forms of assessment, including high stakes and Technology Enhanced Items. Our editorial team also develops content for student books, teacher guides, ancillaries, and online programs.

Based in the USA
Westchester Education Services is one of the largest U.S.-based publishing services companies. Our teams in Danbury, CT, and Dayton, OH, work directly with our customers, managing our stateside staff and freelance resources. In addition, our U.S. management team oversees our India-based production functions, insulating K-12 publishers from the challenges of working directly with an India-based vendor while allowing them to realize the financial benefits.

Art and design
Properly designed pages enhance a student’s reading comprehension, and accurate and engaging imagery helps students grasp difficult concepts more easily. Our art, design, and production teams create original illustrations, conduct photo research, and provide page design and layout services.

Exceptional service
Westchester is based in the USA and 100% employee owned, which means every employee is invested in your project. Our U.S.- based customer service and product quality control departments ensure that our programs meet and exceed customer expectations.

Live Preview

Preview a selection of items created by Westchester in Learnosity.

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