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EvoText’s digital instructional solutions provide Learnosity clients with technology specific to their needs. EvoText develops award-winning, highly successful digital instructional solutions on time and on budget for clients ranging from Fortune 500 education publishers to smaller niche educational publishers.

EvoText has partnered with Learnosity to deliver instruction and assessment platforms to several major educational publishers. If you are a Learnosity client that needs help to create a digital instructional component quickly and effectively, you can be confident that with EvoText, your learning product will be built to the highest standard and quality.

Quick Facts

Learnosity expertise
Learnosity’s clients can feel confident and comfortable in working with EvoText. With several years of experience working with Learnosity’s APIs, EvoText has developed a deep and thorough understanding of Learnosity’s assessment suite.

Experienced team
Since 2012, EvoText has grown tenfold and has a talented team of “eduneers” who have been delivering outstanding educational technology for two decades. They are committed to excellence and aim to be here with you every step of the way.

Consultative approach
EvoText creates eLearning platforms just for you. They are not a tech vendor waiting for pixel-perfect specs in a vacuum. They are your eLearning partner — taking a holistic approach to authoring and building your vision, from concept to completion.

Turn ideas into reality
Clients come to EvoText with an idea or a problem. Whether you need a customized instructional platform with all the bells and whistles or an off-the-shelf solution you can start getting your content into right away, you’ll get what you need on budget and in record time.

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