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Marketplace Partner is an innovative, all-in-one, web-based mathematics tool that includes calculation, graphing, geometry, and statistics with a text-based workspace to provide flexible teaching, learning, and assessing opportunities.

Through the and Learnosity partnership, clients can customize student response spaces to easily capture and save student thinking.

Quick Facts

Holistic learning opportunity

• Capture the entire student thought process in one open-ended, paper space.
• Employ calculations, graphing, geometry, and statistics side by side, just like on a piece of paper in the classroom.
• Permits repositioning and resizing of each 'sticky' note to organize work or create unique, customized teaching materials.
• Works on PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Exploration of mathematical connections

• Define equations and lists to be used throughout an entire paper.
• Use the defined equations or lists to explore multiple representations of math concepts.
• Merge and separate graphs and data plots.
• Easily view multiple graphs side-by-side with different windows and scales.
• Allows for mathematical representations in the sciences as well as mathematics. Oh the Things You Can Do!

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