Text and essays

Capture written responses simply and reliably using our text-based questions. Set limits on formatting options or offer rich text formatting controls to students.

Our full auto-scoring rules apply for short answer questions, meaning you can define primary and secondary answers, alternative spellings, and award partial points, all within our elegant WYSIWYG editor.

These questions are fully responsive across all mobile devices.

Essay answers

Essay questions let students input longer, more detailed answers. Simple formatting options – such as bold, italics, underline, bullets, subscript, superscript – help reviewers ensure that student responses share layout consistency.

Allow scoring and feedback by teachers, professional graders, or a third-party essay scoring engine.

Enter and format text in the container below.

Essay answers with full, rich text formatting

Essay questions are also available with full rich text formatting. These questions allow students to submit an essay-length response of up to 10,000 words, making it ideal for accommodating deeper thought processes and complex answers.

Short text answers

The short text question allows students to respond to questions with short, definite answers.

Auto-scoring on short text questions can be set so that it supports multiple correct answers and awards individual scores. Authors can easily determine scoring parameters to accept any text containing the correct response.

Respond below with the correct name.

Character Map

With character map, authors can add atypical letters and symbols in other languages (e.g. ó, ç, ñ) or in math and science (e.g. μ, ∞ ,≤,) and make them available for the students in essay text questions.

There are two character maps available: the default alpha character map and the numerical character map. You can also create a custom character map that works specifically with your question content.

Open the character map feature using the last toolbar icon.

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