Multiple options for multiple choice question types

Designed for effective, efficient testing, multiple choice questions offer exceptional versatility in evaluating memory and recall, topic understanding, and problem analysis.

Basic multiple choice

While Learnosity offers so much more, the multiple choice question (MCQ) is among the most popular question types used in assessments globally. With a range of options for customization at your disposal, we provide all you need to create MCQs that are as simple or sophisticated as you like. Support multiple responses; add in-question distractor notes and hints; tailor question layouts, add rich text, images, math content and HTML anywhere you want.

Multiple choice with audio and imagery.


Choice matrix

Our choice matrix question type supports multiple choice questions with shared responses, scored as a whole. The choice matrix question requires learners to evaluate one or more row items using a set of column options.

Choice matrix with a single answer.



The rating question can be used to obtain valuable learner feedback or as a rubric for teachers to provide feedback of their own to learners. Content creators have full control over question values, labels, tooltips, descriptions, colors, and font sizes.

Obtain learner feedback or use as a rubric type.

Want to go beyond the MCQ test? Always ask the right questions with our selection of technology-enhanced items.

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