Support on-image responses with hotspot and shading

Immerse students with an interactive visual question type that allows them to highlight responses on an uploaded image or grid via cursor-led or freehand drawing.

Custom hotspots on an image

The hotspot question lets authors upload images from their own devices or enter a source URL. Students can draw responses directly onto the uploaded image. The question type is readily applicable in fields such as the natural sciences, geography, as well as in areas of corporate learning such as compliance training. This is a non-auto-scored question.

Select an area of the image below and check the answer.


The shading question lets authors upload an image or format a set of cells to provide a visual representation of functions and calculations, including fractions and ratios. Students respond by shading cells in the grid provided. Content creators can select from a number of scoring types and layouts to suit their needs.

Shade a selection of the image below and submit your answer.

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