Fill in the blanks

Learners add a response by entering text to fill a designated space in the content. These question types can be useful for assessing reading, language learning, math, and much more.

Authors have a range of options to customize fill in the blanks questions to suit their needs, using rich text, drop downs, and drag and drop that works anywhere – desktop, tablet, mobile, and native apps.

Fill in the blanks with text

Learners can type their responses into response boxes that have been placed into a passage of text by the content author.

Click in the empty cells to begin typing.

Fill in the blanks by drag & drop

Learners can drag their responses from a list of options set by the author into empty response boxes.

Drag and drop your responses into the relevant boxes.

Fill in the blanks by drop down

This question allows students to select the correct answer from a response box drop down menu situated in a passage of text.

Select from a list of options.

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