Create math questions on any kind of device

Incorporating a huge range of math symbols widely used in technical subject areas across K–12 and Higher Education, the Learnosity math keypad lets content authors easily create even advanced math-based questions from desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Keypads to unlock any math problem

Choose from 16 pre-configured keypads purpose-built to cover a range of math and science subjects including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, and much more.

Standard keypad
Algebra keypad
Chemistry keypad
Simplified keypad

Customize a keypad that fits your needs

With over 200 math symbols available, the Learnosity keypad can be customized to suit any level or type of math. Authors can also reposition the numerical keypad, add supplementary keypad groups or create their own, and simplify the overall experience for students by removing any keys they don’t need.

Keypad display

With configurable controls for managing how keypads display and interact on the page, content authors can make their keypads movable, static, always on display or on display only when required.

Floating keypad – click into the container to activate.
Block keypad
Block keypad on focus – click container to activate.

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