Create a more inclusive math experience

We know that imbalances in opportunity create imbalances in outcome. That’s why we made our Math product as user-friendly as possible for as many people as possible.

Showcase true student ability with accessible math

Learnosity Math is designed to make it easy for educational authors to create math content that can be interpreted by screen readers and other assistive tools. The plain English interpretation that’s automatically added to math content can be picked up by screen readers while remaining invisible to students not using a screen reader. This works anywhere in questions, including in the stimulus and validation areas. If necessary, content authors can override interpretations and provide their own.

Student responses are also auto-annotated with ARIA labels during assessments so that they can be read back to students in real-time. This helps learners with visual impairments to check, edit, or approve the answers they have given.

Plain English interpretation will be picked up by screen readers.
Accessible math with automatic aria labelling

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