Powerful math assessment and scoring

Deliver a more impactful learning experience with our advanced math assessment engine.

Powerful math assessment and scoring

A smart approach to math scoring

Help teachers spend less time grading and more time teaching.

Reduce testing time, increase teaching time

Save teachers the hassle of working out all possible answers to math questions with our smart scoring algorithm. Accommodating open-ended questions, it auto-scores multiple correct variations of an answer, enabling teachers to spend more time educating and less time evaluating.

Support greater student engagement

Because our smart scoring engine understands math rules and syntax, authors can set response parameters to allow students to use variable ordering, bracketing, or spaces between elements without losing marks. As a result, they have greater flexibility when working through math problems.

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Accurate display of expressions made effortless

Easily create or respond to math questions on desktop or mobile.

Flexible math keypads

With a wide selection of pre-built keypads to choose from, authors and students can easily enter advanced math equations using symbol groups such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and chemistry. Built for easy navigation across devices, the keypad integrates seamlessly into your assessments.

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Customize keypads to suit students

Math authors can quickly customize keypads to tailor them to specific student needs. Change the position of keypad numbers, choose from over 200 symbols, or remove keys that students won’t need. Customization makes it easy to match keypads to student ability.

Math made inclusive

Our accessibility technology enables a more inclusive experience for all math students.

Translations for vision impairment

All learners deserve a great education experience. Our technology automatically adds a plain English interpretation to math content that can be communicated by screen readers and other assistive tools. Student responses are auto-annotated with ARIA labels, helping visually impaired students listen to their responses in real time, and easily navigate the math interface to construct, review, and submit answers.

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Math-focused question types

Challenge and engage students with interactive question types designed to test mathematical concepts at all levels.

Easy math authoring

Our intuitive authoring software lets authors easily create specialized math questions designed to meet standard curricula requirements. Quickly create question types such as math formula, fill in the blanks with math, label images with math, and multi-step solutions.

The full range of math questions

Tailor tests to students at all levels with a wide range of technology-enhanced question types. You can test mathematical concepts ranging from algebra and trigonometry right through to geometry, statistics, and interactive graphing. Choose from a variety of math formula questions or allow students to explain their work with the math essay question type.

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