Flexible, easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing

Give content authors the power to customize the user interface and layout, determine question behavior, and preview their work in real-time.

Fully customizable user interface

Give authors total control over the look and feel of their assessment content. Using the authoring toolbar, content creators can easily embed features such as video and audio within questions, show and hide specific settings for each question type, and give students standard rich text editing controls.

More advanced authors can also access and edit the source code to increase their scope for customization.

Page layout precision

Give authors all the tools they need to make their content easily navigable. Paginate lengthy passages, add quick-toggle tabs, spotlight key information using indicators, or add columns to display questions and features side by side. Maximizing clarity is easier when you have more options for organization.

Live previews

Watch content come to life. Test the look, feel, and performance of your assessments with real-time previews.

Embeddable components

Our embeddable components are built to slot right into any authoring platform to seamlessly create a smooth publishing workflow.

Pre-configured question templates

Fast-track content creation. Select from a range of default question templates to quickly and easily create popular and effective question types with consistent settings.

Mobile responsive

Reach learners wherever they are – on phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. Deliver consistent high-quality content performance on screens of all sizes.

Easily create and edit assessments with the activity editor

Our activity editor is ready-made for grouping items from your Learnosity item bank into publishable learning activities. Simply create your activity, search for your items and see a live preview of the student experience.

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